Coffee Addicts Unite!

I'm back! though never really went away but got a bit busy in the office and went on a business trip with my dad and brother. I tried to sneak baking here and there since I have a weekend class too! Phew! I'm a pretty busy gal. Didn't have the time to blog but has to make time to eat all the cakes I did.
As regular readers of this blog probably knows that I'm an amazon addict. I haven't bought anything off amazon, heaven forbid' the shipping expensive shipping fee alone stops me but I sure do visit their site a lot. I sometime which that I live in the states for that alone, getting baking books and products shipped at my doorstep at minimal cost??? How good is that? Then I think to myself, if that happens I might get bankcrupt or be in so much debt just because I spent a lot on ingredients and books.

The best feature I love in Amazon is their intensive and varying customer reviews, it helps me decide which book to buy and which book should I passed on. The Cake Bible has an excellent review on amazon however for some reason when I tried it before it didn't turn out well. I found the instruction too complicated and the pictures a bit outdated and uninspiring. Having lost my copy of Cake Bible, when I first saw that she's coming up with a new cake book I couldn't hardly wait. When Rose's Heavenly Cakes got available locally I was still hesitant in buying it, but after 3 months of trying to win a losing battle. I just gave up and bought the book.
My first impression is I love the cover. The pictures are mouth watering and very inspiring. So far I haven't finished flipping through it, when this Coffee Cake caught my attention. My dad and brother are huge coffee drinkers and I must say I love my frappucinos, so this seems like a nice treat for everyone. I love the fact that it has options for using instant espresso (so hard to find) and coffee extract (readily available). Another first for me is making genoise, I made butter cakes, sponge cakes before, but genoise I often avoid heard that it's hard to master and a bit dry. However armed with Rose's book, I tried my first genoise. I found it soft but a bit dry like people said and to top it off, mine turned out crooked too! I still persevered and tried to level the cake as much as I can and continue with the frosting. The frosting turn out problematic for me, I think when I made this the weather is too hot or something because however long I beat the ganache the frosting doesn't set up, I got so fristrated that I whipped up a batch of heavy cream and just folded in the coffee/chocolate ganache frosting. It turned out perfectly. Though before doing that I already used the original coffee/chocolate ganache frosting, it's thick and chocolatey for the middle part of the cake.
Tasting the cake, I now understood why there was a need for the sugar syrup to moisted the cake, because some part, the part that I wan't able to moisten properly was a bit dry but still taste good. Strong coffee flavor and aroma too, however next time I might just use real coffee instead of the extract I though it tasted a bit fake or something. Maybe it was just me, my family certainly loved it.
This by far is one of the messiest cake I have ever made. Will I make it again? yes I will I want to try to perfect this cake. I think it has a nice potential and a great way to practice my skills in making genoise.
Just an update quite recently I saw some instant espresso in the supermarket I almost jumped for joy! Nah! I didn't but deep inside I did ^_^


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  1. It still looks good. I thought you used a sponge cake for this.

  2. Marie5:44 PM

    Your cake looks good for something so troublesome to make.

    And really? Instant espresso? Where'd you see it?

  3. Anonymous11:48 AM

    not sure if this is helpful but The Book Depository have free shipping worldwide