World Peace Cookies

World Peace Cookies is created non other than the uber popular cookbook author Dorie Greenspan. I had most of her books before the flood last year but haven't go the chance to make this until now. Thank God for the Internet though I managed to find a copy of this recipe online.

I actually hate slice and bake cookies, up until this year I don't think I've made cookies that way, but since a lot of blogger and foodies swears by Greenspan's recipe. I managed to control myself and followed the recipe to boot. I even got the change to use my fancy pansy fleur du sel! The salty and sweet combo is currently very popular right now but I don't want to shock my family's taste buds, I'm trying to introduce this new flavor combo little by little. This went splendidly everyone loved it but my sister found it too sweet but my little brother said that it's not. For me personally I think it had a nice balance and I think the using the best cocoa powder you can afford in this case I purchased a small pack of Valrhona because the chocolate is definitely the star here.
These are easy to make cookies that I have no idea why I never tried them before. These are a nice go to cookies when you would need a chocolate jolt! Eaten with a splash of cold milk, a very nice midnight snack!

Caution: these are quite addictive! :))


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  1. YUM!! These look like they have a nice deep chocolate flavor!! Must be really good!!!
    Would you mind checking out my blog? :D

  2. i've made these before but i think yours look a lot nicer than mine!

  3. These look delish!


  4. with regards to your comment on my blog, it's not too tart, actually! trust me. (:

  5. These look so delicious!!

  6. I was so excited to stumble across your post for these cookies! I was reading Dorie's book and her story behind these cookies and was so curious what they looked like since there is no picture in the book. This definitely looks like my kind of cookie! Thanks for sharing. Your cookies look amazing!