Muddy Mississippi Cake

Thank God for the invention of Internet! I was streaming Martha Stewart's previous show and was fortunate enough to stumble upon the episode where Matt Lewis was doing a demo for a Mississippi Mud Pie from his and Renato Poliafito new book entitled Baked Explorations. I'm on pins and needles waiting for this to be available here. I had their Baked book before the tragic flood, I still haven't got the change to replace that copy. I've been meaning to do that just waiting for the right timing meaning, the four letter word that makes my retail heart pitter patter, "SALE" of course! Why pay for something in full price when I can get it during sale? Though I have to be very patient with all the waiting. Sometimes I cannot help myself I buy at full price when I really really want the book.

Back to the topic on hand, the Mississippi Mud Pie aka Muddy Mississippi Cake. Unlike Martha who haven't tried Mississippi Pies before, I love them, I mean, what's not to love, the version,I ate had the crisp chocolate cookie crust then a layer of chocolate ice cream and a hefty blanket of whipped cream. This version though is more complicated than the ice cream type Mississippi Pie but was definitely worth all the effort and the dirty dishes.

This recipe has dozens of steps which can be a bit daunting but don't let that intimidate and stop you from making this heavenly creation. For the crust, I used up 3 rolls of chocolate centered Oreo cookies, 2 and a half rolls will do. But of course the baker has the priviledge of eating the leftover ingredient, which are excellent with a glass of cold milk. My only gripe is that the flourless chocolate layer called for coffee and on the show Matt said it would enhance the chocolate flavor and you wouldn't taste the coffee flavor but following the recipe as is, you will definitely taste the coffee in it. So coffee haters, take notice. I believe you can omit the coffee if you don't care for it. The chocolate pudding is so smooth and silky and very chocolatey that I could have grabbed a bowl and eat it as is. The billowy whipped cream that crowns the dark rich cake gives a nice palate cleanser and ready your tastebud for another overwhelming chocolate experience. I topped it off with a scattering of Christmas Non pareils for a festive holiday look and a a generous chocolate curls sits on top of the white bed of cream. How can this not taste good? With all that ingrefients that was put into it, I bet it would taste divine and I would probably do this again.

You can print out the recipe from here.


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  1. This looks and sounds fantastic (I've never had Mississippi Mud cake either, but I'm thinkin' I'm going to have to give it a try!)