Special Treat for Me

It's "ber" month already which means Christmas is near! "Ber" month in the Philippines simply means September-December cause all those months ends in "ber". Halloweens are not as popular as Christmas here, specially in the malls. The decor and songs are now Christmasy. 

For me though "ber" months means cookbook season! New cookbooks are release just in time for the Manila International Book Fair! Believe me when I say there are tons of bookworms out there that flock to this event yearly! My sister and I are one of them! We put up with all the commotions since during book fairs, books are cheap at least 20% off! and believe me it helps since cookbooks these days cause an arm and a leg. I usually go straight to the Baking/Cooking section, those are the kind of books I buy.  Because for me cookbooks with glorious photography and the unique layouts are something that has to be admired personally and not through an iPad screen. Don't get me wrong here I love my iPad, I cannot imagine not having it and we've only been together for four months and it seems like forever! I love reading my novels through that huge shinny screen, compared with my iPhone that screen is huge! More reading room :D
The newest addition to my ever growing collection are Tartine: Box Set written by the husband and wife team Elizabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, owners of San Francisco's famous Tartine bakery and The Seasonal Baker by John Barricelli. I learned about the Tartine Bakery and John from watch too much Martha show and after reading several great reviews from amazon, I'm sold.

The Tartine: Box Set comes in this lovely organic looking box. It holds 2 books: Tartine and the Tartine Bread. Previously I already bought the Tartine but due to unforeseen circumstances in this case it was a horrible flood that happened few years back. I never got the chance to buy it again till now. 
When Amazon gave me an heads up on what are the new cookbooks that will be releasing this next few months and saw The Seasonal Baker, I got the feeling its going to be good. I have John's first book the SoNo Bakery Company and I like how he wrote it and instructions are all there and it has lots of beautiful pictures and for a hardcover book the price is not bad as well not too steep. I actually spotted John's cookbook at Fully Booked, several  weeks before the book fair but don't want to carry around the book when I'm doing some window shopping so had it reserve. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to drop by few days back so they didn't reserved it for me anymore and when I asked them to reserved it for me since I was really going to get it. They didn't respond so I guess the book is no longer mine. It was actually a blessing in disguised since I saw it in the book fair so I didn't have to pay the full price for it. Oh how I love sale! :>
After spending quite a lot in the book fair, I told myself not to buy anymore books for a few months. Well, that lasted like a few weeks since the Baked Elements is finally here! Now naughty little me cannot help myself, I'm just 1 of Matt & Renato's millions of followers out there. Yes I have their 2 previous books and love them to pieces! I also like the fact that through out the 3 books they managed to maintain the look and feel of the said books though the 3rd one has a much more modern appeal to it since its sort of in an infographic style which I'm so crazy about right now.

I must admit with all this book buying my to read pile and my must bake list are ever growing. I'm waiting to get my kitchen organize so I can get starting hopefully in 2-3 weeks time everything would be in order and my oven could start turnout out lovely baked goodies! I cannot wait!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!

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