Thank You Sweetlink

I must admit I'm one of those people who relays on Facebook a lot! As soon as I get home, check my mail, check my Facebook then think about what to have for dinner. Facebook not only keeps me updated with my family and friends specially those who are millions of miles away, it also helped me communicate with people or company that I don't normally bother communicating with because for some reason or another communicating through fb as we call it here in Manila feels safer, less time consuming and less intrusive even because you'd know they would answer your fb message when they have time to kill. So what am I getting at with this post? Why did my food blog suddenly turn into fb fan page? Hold your horses people, yes my post have a point.

Ever since I learn how to bake I thought about having my own patiserrie so whenever a would be supplier has a facebook page I "Like" them so I would be updated on their product lines. Few of months ago, one of those "Like" paid off. I chance upon SweetLink a local food related supplier here in Manila. They carry all sort of cake supplies, chocolate supplies and anything in between. They had this online giveaway, not much really they just had some trivia questions and I answered and I get a price! It was that easy right! I love it when company holds giveaways and they don't ask for your arm and leg for it! 
The store is only open on weekdays and I am working on weekdays so I told them that I would be dropping by their booth in WOFEX at SMX, thier booth will be there until Saturday. Its a good thing that they are nice enough to say that yes I could just drop by then. Having no idea what exactly is the prize, they only said I'd get a "super" prize, thinking I hope to God this would be well worth the effort. After my saturday tiring pastry class, even in horrendous rain, I quickly grabbed a cab and went home to drop off my chefs jacket and other school supplies. Grabbed a change of clothes and walked a few blocks to ride a bus and a jeep to get to the venue.
As I arrived in the venue, the rain stopped. Ok the weather is just playing with me. I had to pay 150.00 pesos (appx $3.5) for the entrance fee to the venue. That is actually quite high because usually entrance fee for venues like that cost cost 75 pesos (appx $1.70) only. Anyway I'm there to get something free so I just cough up the money and went inside. It was like food everywhere! I remember saying I should have brought my glasses with me with all the colors and people around they are like a blur passing me by. Its a good thing I quickly spotted the Sweetlink booth. There was a Chinese lady manning the booth and a Chinese guy talking to people aside from the Filipino helpers. When they told me I could choose 10 pastry tips and 3 fondant cutters, I was like really!! I belive I even clapped my hands in glee and jump a little bit! Hehe...I know I'm so geeky.
There are the loot that I got! Though the pastry tips are not many actually more on just round tip and star tip just varied in sizes. The fondant cutters will definitely get useful for me once I'm taught fondant flowers in pastry school. The trouble it took to get there is now forgotten, I'm just so giddy with all the free stuff that I got. The whole loot cost around 4,500 pesos (approx $102)! Imagine I got these from just answering tria online! Thanks Sweetlink for your generosity and graciousness!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!

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