Day 3: Pies, Tarts & Quiches

Chef Heny with my classmates

Guess what day is today? Yup it’s pastry school day! Who knew there would ever come a time that I would be excited to go to school? Well certainly not me not that I didn’t enjoy college, it was a blast! This is different though, I didn’t mind waking up early even if I wasn’t able to sleep early. I didn’t even mind commuting even if it’s quite far. I’m there to learn and yes I’m definitely learning. It’s something I look forward to every weekend.
After that awesome time we had with the Custard lesson, I couldn't wait to today's lesson. Today was all about pies, tarts and quiches. That is one of my weakness I could never make decent pie dough. I find it confusing when to dock and not to dock. Which dough is patchable and which is not. Which dough goes with what filling? We were like a bunch of groupies that got so excited when the cake guru herself was the one who was teaching us that day. The lesson started out very smoothly but then when time was against us, chef was rushing a bit and some of us got lost in what to do next.

After this class I’m quite confident that I can make my crust. It’s a good thing that I already got a food processor a generous birthday gift from my siblings and my brother-in-law years ago. J Yes! Chef also taught us how to do it manually but it took time! Thrice as long as the food processor procedure! Love it! I found out that I was rolling out my crust way too cold and I was not mixing and watering it enough.

One of the funny events that occur in the class is that we had this new classmate that is such a scatterbrained and literary doesn’t know anything about the kitchen, it’s like watching Paris Hilton’s Simple Life. Haha…then after 2 hours, she suddenly announced that she is in the wrong class! Her class was for the oven phobic baking class which will be held in a different classroom later in the afternoon! Hehe…I think she got so excited and woke up hours and hours earlier. Even thinking about it now makes me smile.
This is what we made in the class

One thing I didn’t quite like about that class is that the kitchen helpers are mostly new so from time to time; the Chef would get distracted since she couldn’t find her spatula, her trash bowl, the spoon! Little things like that it can be quite distracting. In that area, the school needs to improve. However, that is something I can readily overlook for now since I’m learning a lot.
Hopefully this would improve by next week. Up next is all about cakes!


I'm a nine to five pencil pusher who loves to play with flour and paper during my free time. Dreams of going to Europe and eat croissants and make pastries all day long!

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